NEO CREATIONS is always taking action about sustainability in exports, and how to incorporate ethical business practices into global trade.

Not just business, they aim to reduce global warming, uphold human rights, generate employment for all classes of people and guide youth how to sustain in different situations.

Environmental corporate responsibility

Our aim is to protect the environment and strive to bring more and more people and organizations closer to the environment by planting trees with passion.

It is our endeavor to save natural resources so that the new generation does not feel the lack of them. Our effort is to save the natural resources so that the new generation does not feel the lack of them. So use recycled raw materials to.

Ethical/human rights social responsibility

Our ethical responsibility is a commitment to conduct our business in an ethical manner that upholds human rights principles, such as fair treatment of all employees, and our suppliers fair business practices and equal pay.

Our wish is that everyone can move forward in their life and we can support them, whether they are employees or suppliers, we will always be there to guide them so that they can move forward in business.

Philanthropic corporate responsibility

Philanthropic responsibility refers to a corporation’s goals and objectives of actively improving society as a whole. We donate money from our earnings to worthy causes within the local community – as a trust.

Philanthropic efforts like this reflect our public image as a business leader, which is important in today’s world. There are a number of ways in which we encourage our employees to become involved in CSR in the form of philanthropy, including matching donation levels.

We keep doing charity by involving small factories so that the needs of more and more people can be met. whether it is a job, knowledge, or any kind of financial aid

Economic corporate responsibility

Financial responsibility refers to the practice of making financial decisions based on a commitment to do good.

Some common examples of economic responsibility include investing in alternative energy sources, putting more money into education programs, and funding local charities as a way to promote their mission.

We always strive to increase employee engagement. Efforts are being made to improve the financial position of the bottom line. Trying to support local and global communities. Always striving to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Trying to access investment opportunities. Manage and guide the team to improve public image and generate positive press. Promote customer retention and loyalty. Efforts to enhance employer branding.

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