Vocational Training

Our mission is to prepare people to work as an artisan in a skilled craft, trade as a trader or work as a technician and prepare them to be sustainable in their field. And people can get jobs according to their qualification so that they can fulfill their dreams.


We tried to provide guidance to our employees about hospitality. If any, whether buyer, supplier, agent or guest

Design and Development

The design and development process is guided by examining all the potential risks and obstacles that need to be overcome to bring the product to market. For example, we look at whether the product meets a market need and whether it will sell at the price needed to make a profit.

Production and Planning

Production planning is the future of production. Production planning is done periodically for a specific time period, called the planning horizon. This includes the following activities: 1. Determination of the required product mix and factory load to satisfy customers needs. 2. Matching the required level of production to the existing resources. 3. Scheduling and choosing the actual work to be started in the manufacturing facility. 4. Setting up and delivering production orders to production facilities.


What is the role of finance in the textile industry? Finance guide to matters relating to the management, formation and study of money and investments. It involves the use of loans and credits, securities and investments to finance current projects using future income streams.


Export related documents by which we manage the system of exports.

Documents Required for Exporting. Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Bill, Certificates of Origin, Bill of Loading Etc.

Quality Check and Control

Quality control refers to how a company measures the quality of a product and improves it when necessary. Quality control can be done in a number of ways, testing products, reviewing manufacturing processes, and creating benchmarks. All of this is done to monitor for significant variations in a product.

HR and Compliance

HR compliance is the process of creating policies and procedures that ensure your organization adheres to the latest labor and employment laws and regulations.

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